Hello! I am Shivram, the person who made this web page. I study about computers.

I am learning many things... like how to make web pages!

I have also discovered this new technology called 'Internet Relay Chat'

This allows me to send messages to other people, which will be delivered INSTANTLY!

To 'chat' with me, download the latest version of the program 'WeeChat', or ask your administrator

You can find me on the #team channel of the tilde.chat chat server.

This page is best viewed on a up-to-date web browser with a monitor supporting 400x240 pixels or larger.

If your web browser is out of date, or if your connection is weak, please visit a SIMPLER VERSION of this web site.

If you are using an up-to-date web browser, but the page does not load properly, please contact the webmaster through electronic mail.

The e-mail address of the webmaster is shivrm at tilde.team

UPDATE It has come to my attention that putting an electronic mail address on the interwebs attracts dangerous programs called 'bots' which will send UNSOLICITED ELECTRONIC MESSAGES to your address.

I request all 'bots' to ignore the address listed above. Please don't send mail if you are a bot!.

Tickle My Funny Bone

Why shouldn't doctors prescribe antibiotics to cure sick computers?

Because antibiotics have no effect on viruses. LOL

R.I.P Niklaus Wirth

Niklaus Wirth was a pioneer of computing, and an apostle of simplicity. He contributed so much that it is impossible to list everything

Some of this biggest contributions include Pascal, Modula and Oberon.

I urge you to read A PLEA FOR LEAN SOFTWARE, which was written by him.

Software gets slower more rapidly than hardware is getting faster.
- Wirth's Law

How to Make A Web-site

Creating a Web-site is a sure-fire way of attaining fame on the internet!

To make a web-site, you need to first learn a new language - The Hyper Text Markup Language

You can find many ways to learn it from a web browser, but one good way to learn it is by looking atalready written texts in that language

If your browser is up-to-date, you can modify the 'address' of this web page and add view-source: at the beginning to see the HTML code

Otherwise, download the latest version of the curl program (or contact your administrator). Run the following commands to access the HTML code.


Some people will suggest that you use technologies like Cascading Style Sheet and Java Script. Using these will make your website HEAVY and inaccesible to some users. This page does not use those technologies.

Thank you for visiting! Please visit again