This is a collection of random questions and my best attempts at answering them. It is not exactly an FAQ, because I've never actually been frequently asked these questions; it's more like, *I* have had these questions, and I've searched the net, and I didn't really find a satisfactory answer elsewhere. So this is more of an ATRQ--Answers to Random Questions. It is also somewhat of an itch-scratching exercise--I am putting these here so that *I* can reference the answers as well. I will attempt to be as objective as I can when answering these questions, but I can't promise that all questions will be possible to answer this way.

You might be wondering why I don't just put this on some other site, say Quora or StackExchange. Technically speaking, I could do that, but I am more of a believer in the decentralized web. I don't think it makes as much sense to centralize all the information on those sites, where they are going to show you ads and make things generally annoying (i.e. "in order to see this answer, you need to sign in"). Another reason is that it's just more fun this way!

Also, when I say "random", it means that I don't have the questions or topics organized into any kind of categories. Maybe I will do this somewhere down the line if the number of questions/answers increases, and it makes more sense to do so.

Q1. Do Android phones automatically adjust for Daylight Time, even if they are in airplane mode?

Q2. How do Unix clocks handle the daylight/standard time transition?

Q3. What are the differences between the most popular freeware BSD Unix-derived operating systems?

Q4. Which common Unix flavors/distributions still support the 32-bit "i386 PC" architecture?

Q5. What are the differences in the life-cycle characteristics of various current flavors of Unix?